A Digital Wallet that Backs-up Your Financial Stability with

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We know that financial stress for businesses & individuals can be a real struggle, so we’ve got you covered!

Benefits You Get From KashNow App

Transfer Your Money with One Tap

Transfer money to anyone effortlessly:

  • Transfer money immediately to any KashNow wallet using either the KashNow wallet number or the mobile number linked to KashNow wallet
  • Multiple transfers are available with just one tap
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Recharge Your Wallet Right Away

Add money to your KashNow wallet through multiple channels:

  • Fawry Plus Store
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Bank Wallets
  • Bank Cards

Effortless Money Collection

Collecting money from your KashNow peers has never been easier:

  • Simply enter the wallet number or mobile number of your KashNow contact
  • Specify the desired amount
  • Confirm your request and await their approval!
  • Multiple collections are available as well!
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All your bills from one place

No Time to Waste:

  • Pay over 800 types of bill payments from one place
  • Payments are made with your KashNow Balance

Buy Now, Pay Later: Flexible payment for dream purchases

Enjoy convenient shopping with:

  • Our easy and straightforward financing options
  • Quick approval process
  • Access to top consumer finance firms for commodities and facilities

Optimize Your KashNow Bills and Expenses Through Refinancing

Revitalize your payments and expenses made through KashNow:

  • After securing approval from any of our affiliated consumer finance firms
  • Opt to refinance your KashNow purchases and bill payments
  • Have the refinanced sum credited to your KashNow wallet

For all your medication needs, KashNow is here for you!

Order all your pharma and non-pharma needs easily with KashNow:

  • Get your items delivered right to your doorstep
  • Enjoy up to 10% coverage on your monthly prescriptions
  • KashNow helps you get all your daily and monthly prescriptions hassle-free

Schedule an appointment with a doctor effortlessly

Arrange a doctor's appointment hassle-free:

  • Schedule a phone consultation with your preferred doctor
  • Arrange a convenient home visit with a doctor
  • Plus, now you can even schedule lab tests at home!

Earn Loyalty Points and Monitor Your Expenditure!

Accumulate loyalty points effortlessly with KashNow:

  • By making payments or shopping on KashNow, you can earn loyalty points that can be redeemed as a balance in your KashNow wallet
  • Explore the Loyalty Points Milestones to boost your rewards
  • Access 'Insights' to monitor spending and enhance financial management

Effortless Gold Investment

Begin your gold investment journey with ease:

  • Invest in gold, ranging from 0.25 grams to 1000 grams
  • Make payments using your KashNow balance
  • Additionally, don't overlook the option to refinance your purchase with your previously approved limit from one of our partnered consumer finance companies

Simplified Savings Account Setup

Easily establish your savings account with just a few steps:

  • Open your savings account by providing the necessary information
  • Acquire savings units.
  • When you require the funds, sell your units along with the interest you've earned.

Purchase Micro-insurance Policies

Get micro-insurance policies for medical emergencies, illnesses, treatment, and family support in the event of the sole earner's unfortunate death

  • Personal Accident Insurance up to 100,000 EGP
  • Cancer Insurance up to 100,000 EGP
  • Funeral Insurance up to 40,000 EGP

Affordable Convenience: Purchase various coupon discounts to enhance your life

Enhancing Your Life with Coupon Discounts:

  • Save money on various products and services
  • Wide range of coupon discounts with diverse options
  • Convenience and accessibility wherever you are
  • Financial flexibility by saving more money
  • Discovering new brands and products
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Re-shape Your Home and Fulfill Your Shopping Fantasies with KashNow

With KashNow, you have the ultimate shopping destination at your fingertips!

  • Whether you're looking for furniture to revamp your living space or groceries to stock your kitchen, we've got you covered
  • Design your dream home with ease and enjoy cost-effective options for furnishing your space
  • Plus, our convenient grocery shopping service allows you to order all the essentials you need, making KashNow your go-to place for a diverse array of shopping needs

KashNow Business Solution Designed for Your Business

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Transfer Salaries with One Click

This innovative approach significantly reduces the administrative burden on company owners and streamlines the salary transfer process for everyone involved. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual payroll management and embrace the convenience of KashNow's integrated payment solution

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Empower Employees with our Sulfa Options

Our forward-thinking solution empowers employees by offering advance salary options, not only alleviating their financial concerns but also strategically benefiting your company's cash flow, ultimately contributing to an improved corporate value. Say farewell to traditional financial constraints and embrace the progressive approach of KashNow's Sulfa program, where the synergy between employee well-being and corporate success is achieved

Simplifying HR Operations

This integrated module seamlessly streamlines HR operations and management, connecting seamlessly with our advanced payment solution. With KashNow, you can efficiently manage both payroll and HR tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing administrative complexities

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Recharge Your Employees’ Wallet

Avoid running out of your petty cash budget. With Staff Wallet Recharge, you’ll be able to transfer all different expenses from incentives, commissions, custody, allowances, and many others to the employees, you select at any time of the month

Microfinance Empowerment: Integrated Financing Solutions with Kash Now

We offer comprehensive financial solutions that assist project owners by combining microfinance, competitive advantages, and adaptable payment arrangements. Kash Now clients who engage with microfinance firms can now conveniently access loans through our app, saving time and hassle

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